“When we are balanced, our whole self

works in conjunction with all our other elements”

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CHAKRA-NADIS SYSTEM: We as humans are really multidimensional beings having an energetic life force.  It is recognized in the scientific community that one of the densest components of many interactive energy fields is the human physical body.

AMPLIFICATION TECHNIQUES: Energy tools such as crystals and gemstones, sound and music, and many others can be used along with other holistic methods to amplify healing along the energy medicine path.

HERBS AT A GLANCE: Information on the healing power of the plant kingdom.

ESSENTIAL OILS AT A GLANCE: Information pertaining to aromatherapy's use of essential oils.

SUBTLE BODIES: Numerous individuals believe that human physical body and material goods or possessions are the only reality that exists in the world, as it is only these particular things that  can be recognized with the five senses of the physical body and grasped by the left brain or rational mind. However, when the human body is viewed with an insightful eye, numerous energy structures and movements, as well as shapes,  and colors both within and surrounding the physical body can be perceived.

CRYSTALS AND GEMSTONES: Crystals and Gemstones have been used for centuries by many cultures all around the world. They bring amazing healing benefits to the energy medicine arena. Crystal and Gemstone healing is an alternative medicine technique that employs crystals, gemstones, and other minerals as healing tools.

HOLISTIC LIFESTYLE DIGEST: Information on various topics ranging from complementary and alternative medicine health therapies, to health conditions, to environmental issues, all of which are designed to both inspire you and to provide you with the knowledge to better manage your own personal life, health and well-being.

CHROMOTHERAPY: Chromotherapy, also called color therapy, colorology, or cromatherapy, is the therapeutic use of color for physical, psychological, and spiritual problems.  It is an amplification technique that is compatible with numerous other holistic healing and alternative medicine methods.

RESOURCE CENTRAL DIRECTORY: Links to other organizations and/or web sites that we believe will enrich and enlighten our visitors.

CAM THERAPIES GLOSSARY: A Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) glossary introducing you to some of the more popularly practiced therapies.

   We all face "storms" (adversity) in our lives. It is not so much about the actual hardship, misfortune or difficulty, but how we react to the storm that determines the happiness in our life.  
   Don't hide inside waiting for the storm to pass. Express gratitude for the difficult time in your life knowing you will emerge a person who has overcome that particular obstacle and has become that much stronger for it.
   Enjoy and cherish your life as it is now, this moment. No matter how strong the storm, whether it is a gentle sprinkle or a downpour, be thankful for the good or positive things that happen in your life.
                                                            ~ Holistic Lifestyle

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   Life has its ups and downs, but we continue working toward the goals we’ve set for ourselves in life.
   Like everyone at some point or another, we have had to jump through some hoops and over a few hurdles, but we just kept going.
   And it did make us feel just a bit better, a little more confidant, and much more experienced for having done so.
   That's why we are who we are, where we are, and doing what we do. Isn't life wonderful?
   Keep up the good work - the world is better with you in it. ~ Author Unknown

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